Friday, September 21, 2012

For Sale!

While I would say technically anything I've made is for sale, I'm not necessarily writing this referring to my boat.  I have continued to enjoy taking it out, and I can't believe the leaves are changing, and it will be put away before too long!

Instead, I am writing this because as I design and test components for my next creation, I plan on listing them online in case anyone else with a human powered boat project might want the same or similar part.  It is a chance to advance my own boats while also helping to get more people out on the water.

I don't expect to create any sleek online storefront in the near future.  For now details are here.

If you contact me, I would be happy to discuss whether there is an opportunity for variations or additional designs.  My goal is to focus on parts that are most likely to be common sizes or accommodate the variability of home-built boats and can be shipped with standard carriers.  For example, basic aluminum drive parts and stabilizers (ama/aka) and mounts.  I will be adding more parts to the list as new designs become finalized.

Thanks, happy boating.

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