Tuesday, October 2, 2012

River run

Being in Minneapolis, we are only a few miles from the Mississippi River, and also close to several others.  It gets tricky in this area because there are a series of locks and dams through here, and there are very few launch areas, but I have definitely been thinking I needed to get out and boat on the river.  With foliage in full color, this seemed like as good a time as any.

I launched from a public area near the Minneapolis Rowers Club boat house.  I headed up towards downtown.  The photo with barge is right at the next lock near downtown.  You can see the very new looking bridge in the middle is a freeway bridge that was replaced after a collapse several years ago - before I had moved.

It was a very nice trip.  A couple barges went by, but because of the locks, not many pleasure craft head up this way.  I definitely like the ease of heading to our nearby lake without car topping, but a little variety is nice too.

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